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CFK Weekly: March 17, 2024

CrossFit Open 2024

24.3 and the Crossfit Open are coming to a close! 3 weeks of Friday Night Lights, cheering, judging, and pushing ourselves for every seconded and every rep! Thank you for making it memorable! For those moving on to quarterfinals and we cannot wait to see how you do!

You have until Monday at 8PM to submit your score and re-test!


Follow the link on the spreadsheet to their website to pick what supplement(s) and flavor you would like to order. List them on the spreadsheet and we will place the order after the deadline!

Deadline: Friday - March 22, 2024

CF Unlimited Members receive a 10% discount on their order!


Programming Sneak Peek!

Monday: Deadlift volume & getting upside down

Tuesday: Heavy 5 front squats

Wednesday: Farmers carry and CTB

Thursday: Snatch EMOM

Friday: Lunging Partner WOD

Saturday: Hero WOD “Ryan”

Sunday: Open Gym & Bike Class @ 9am


Happening at CFK


Sunday Run Groups

Every Sunday starting this week @ 10am we will have a run group meet up with Coach Clay! We hope you can make it out! This Week Sequoyah Hills!


Knoxville Marathon & Relay

April 7, 2024

As we head toward spring and warmer weather that means the Knoxville Marathon / Half / 5k & Relay is right around the corner! We had some runners in multiple categories and a few relay teams! We would love to see more people and teams out there this year! You can register for the race here.  Let us know you are running!! If you are interested in signing up for a relay team we can help you find a team! Put your name on the sheet below if you plan on running or if you are looking for a team!


Personal Training

If you have goals or skills that you are looking to achieve and need some help we offer personal training that can help get you to where you would like to be! Our goal is to help you maximize your results and teach you along the way! Reach out to a coach to inquire or check out or Personal Training page on our website!


Every Monday & Wednesday 5:30PM

Ages 5 - 12

 First Class is FREE!


Get the Most out of Your Membership!

  • All Members get access to Macrostax to help track and dial in your nutrition goals (See Karri or Dave to get access or if you are looking for 1-on-1 Coaching)

  • TYR Affiliate Discount- 20% off: TTN3RSC20

  • Unlimited Members have Open Gym access to work on accessory work including the CFK Build Program (Available in Wodify)

  • Unlimited Members get a 10% discount on supplements. (ie... Protein, Pre-Workout, ect)



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