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At CrossFit Knoxville we are dedicated to improving health, happiness, and performance through exercise and nutrition! We are excited to offer you the three following options to help you meet your nutrition goals:


  • One initial consultation to assess your current dietary habits, goals, and offer support while getting started with the app

  • Customized macronutrient targets based on your gender, date of birth, height, current weight, goals, and activity level

  • Access to resources within the app, including: planner, tracking food, progress chart, meal plans, recipes, chat/support, and more!

  • ATTENTION: This Plan is included with your CFK Membership!​


  • All of the features of the Basic Plan, plus:

  • An additional 30 min consultation during the month for ongoing guidance and to evaluate if a personalized adjustment to your macronutrient targets is needed.

  • Private Chat within app with our nutrition coach to to better support your wellness goals.


  • All of the features of the Advanced Plan, plus:

  • Weekly food log review

  • Food/product swap suggestions for cleaner/healthier choices

  • Daily email/chat/text access for 1:1 support

Thank You! We Will Be In Touch Soon!

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