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CFK Weekly: April 28, 2024

On the Calendar

Wednesday, May 1st - Partner Murph Prep Challenge 2024 Kicks Off! (Details Below)

Spring Gym Hike: May 5, 2024 - Mt. LeConte - Alum Cave Trail

7:00am Meet up at the trailhead. Let us know your Hiking!

3 Week to Healthy Summer Habits Nutrition Challenge - Starts May 6th

(Fill out the Link on our nutrition page for more information!)

Memorial Day - May 27th: Murph! 8AM & 9:30AM Classes


Last Call


Murph Shirts

Unisex Tees & (Ladies) Cropped Tees Available

Cost: $25 Deadline: April 29th


Programming Sneak Peek!

Monday: 5x10 "speed" deadlifts, S&C alternating EMOM

Tuesday: Lunges and Running Chipper

Wednesday: DB Floor Press, Rowing & Push up Intervals (Murph Prep Challenge Begins)

Thursday: Partner WOD - 24 min AMRAP

Friday: Hang Squat Clean EMOM, Barbell & Gymnastics Couplet

Saturday: Partner "Collin" Hero WOD

Sunday: Open Gym & Bike Class


Happening at CFK


Partner Murph Prep Challenge 2024

Grab a Friend and lets get ready for Murph 2024!

Challenge Runs: Wednesday 5/1 - Saturday 5/25

Winning Pair Receives: A $100 TYR Gift Card EACH!

How it Works:

Put you and your partners names on the List HERE.

Each day you come in, sign into class like normal. The accessory work will be at the bottom of the programming. Once you have completed objectives, sign into Murph Prep Challenge in WODIFY it is listed under classes in your app. Check off what you have completed and make sure your partner has too.

Monday - Saturday: Each Partner has a chance to earn 3 Points (6 total per team)

  • 1 Point for attending in person class!

  • 1 Point for running a mile. (Can be done in intervals or all at once. If we run a mile in class it counts!)

  • 1 Point for the post class accessory work! (Will vary from strength to mobility and will be at the bottom of the CF Programming daily)

Sunday: Attending Bike Class will earn you a bonus point otherwise it is a Rest Day!


Calling all Runners

CFK and Coach Stephen are proud to announce Individual Running Coaching / Gait Analysis / Programming for those who are looking to tackle their first race to those looking for a new PR on a personal level! More details coming soon but feel free to inquire if you are looking for individual performance training!

Check out The Endurance & Engine Lab page on our site!


Every Monday & Wednesday 5:30PM

Ages 5 - 12

 First Class is FREE!


Get the Most out of Your Membership!

  • All Members get access to Macrostax to help track and dial in your nutrition goals (See Karri or Dave to get access or if you are looking for 1-on-1 Coaching)

  • TYR Affiliate Discount- 20% off: TTN3RSC20

  • Unlimited Members have Open Gym access to work on accessory work including the CFK Build Program (Available in Wodify)

  • Unlimited Members get a 10% discount on supplements. (ie... Protein, Pre-Workout, ect)



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