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CFK Weekly: May 26, 2024

Murph 2024

Two Classes

Monday - 5/27 8am & 9:30am


Team Linda for Luke

Saturday - June 8th - Starting 8am

Cost $20 Per Person - All funds go to Luke's Family

Team Linda


Deadlifts (225/155)

Bench Press (155/105)

Clean (135/95)

Cap: 30:00


Programming Sneak Peek!

Monday: Murph!!

Tuesday: Partner Bike WOD

Wednesday: Deadlift & Box Step up Couplet

Thursday: Snatch Day!!

Friday: Gymnastics and KB EMOM, Ascending ladder AMRAP

Saturday: "Tommy V"

Sunday: Open Gym & Bike Class


Happening at CFK


Bring a Friend Week

Monday 6/10 - Saturday 6/15

Have them Register HERE!

It is time to show your friends/family what CFK is all about! No CrossFit experience needed! Have them join us for an entire week!


Every Monday & Wednesday 5:30PM

Ages 5 - 12

 First Class is FREE!


Get the Most out of Your Membership!

  • All Members get access to Macrostax to help track and dial in your nutrition goals (See Karri or Dave to get access or if you are looking for 1-on-1 Coaching)

  • TYR Affiliate Discount- 20% off: TTN3RSC20

  • Unlimited Members have Open Gym access to work on accessory work including the CFK Build Program (Available in Wodify)

  • Unlimited Members get a 10% discount on supplements. (ie... Protein, Pre-Workout, ect)



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