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CFK Weekly: December 24, 2023

Happy Sunday CFK! Happy Holidays to you all!

I want to start off by thanking each and every one of you for being a part of CFK. You all make it better by showing up each day. Myself, my family and the coaching staff appreciate you all. 2023 has been such a great year!

We wanted to review the upcoming additions and changes coming in 2024.

Starting New Years Eve 12/31 we will be open on Sunday mornings for Open gym from 8-10am.

The morning schedule is changing 1/2/24 and the 7am class will now start at 6:30am and 7:30-8:30am will be Open Gym.

In line with that, all members will now have access to the "Build" program for free. This is a several day per week accessory and hypertrophy program. These exercises are meant to help build muscle & strength. Some of those working towards their first unassisted pull up or improving push ups will benefit from this program. Also those at any level looking to improve muscular strength, stamina and potentially aesthetics.

Also, as total health and fitness is always our priority, all members will have free access to the MacroStax tracking App. We will be running a "how to" seminar on how to best utilize the App very soon.

Our kids program, KidFit Knoxville, will be starting on 1/8. Most information is available on the website but please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.

We are running "bring a friend" 1/8-1/13 and launching a new and improved referral program. Moving forward if you refer someone that joins CFK both you and the "friend" will receive $75.

Dr. Blake of Shift Performance PT will be in house on 1/8 providing free injury screens, times and sign up sheet will be posted next week.

The CrossFit Total "Friday Night Lights" will be 1/12, heat sheet to reserve your spot posted soon.

Dr. Blake will be at CFK that evening as well. As will TYR!! Pop up shop that evening to check out, try on and/or purchase items. Our discount code is applicable. See us with questions

The previously detailed rate change will take effect on 1/1/24 as well.

So many things to be thankful to each of you for in 2023 and so many more to be excited about in 2024!

Merry Christmas! Can't wait to see you all this week!

David LeGault


CFK Upcoming Schedule

Christmas Day: December 25th - Closed

December 26 - Normal Schedule

New Years Eve: December 31st - Open Gym 8-10am

New Years Day: January 1, 2024- Limited Schedule 8:00am & 9:30am

January 2, 2024- New 6:30am Class Starts

January 8th- 1st KidFit Class / Dr Blake / Bring a Friend Week!


Programming Sneak Peek!

Monday: Closed- Merry Christmas

Tuesday: 10-8-6-4-2 Bench Press. Then intervals on the 4 Min.

Wednesday: Starting off with some Turkish Get Ups. Then 2 Rounds for time working though volume on a couplet.

Thursday: 8 Min Deadlift EMOM. Our Threshold Metcon will see how fast you can get though rounds on this 8 Min Grind.

Friday: 4 x 4 Min AMRAPs with a bit of everything!

Saturday: 20 Min Partner AMRAP!


On the Calendar

KidFIT Knoxville

Starting January 8th


Bring-A-Friend Week!!

January 8th-13th! You'll be able to invite a friend to come join in class for a full week! More details to come in the following weeks, but if you have a friend who always wonders what you do or has always mentioned "trying it out" this will be the week for them to come!


Crossfit Total

January 12th for Friday Night Lights we will be doing the CrossFit Total! this will cap off our bring a friend week and provided an opportunity to test your Back Squat / Strict Press / Deadlift all in the same night! We will have 2 divisions so be on the lookout for more information coming soon!


Custom Nutrition Plans Available!

Plans available to fit your nutrition needs! Check them out HERE! Email us at for more details and info on how to get started.


TYR Discount Code!

20% off: TTN3RSC20

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