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CFK Weekly: October 29, 2023

Custom Nutrition Plans @ CFK!

We see you showing up to the gym every day and putting in the work. But we all know nutrition is key to seeing results, so… we are now offering personalized plans with coaching powered by Macrostax! If you’re not familiar, Macrostax is the top macro-counting app that simplifies what to eat so you can: – lose fat and build lean muscle as you chase your fitness goals – optimize your workouts and have more energy throughout the day – eat more while enjoying your favorite foods in a sustainable approach to nutrition Email us at for more details and info on how to get started.


Wednesday Nov 1st – Thursday Nov 30th — In Gym Meters Only

  • We will be adding up your meters throughout the month with a Leaderboard to track!

    • Only in gym meters count!

    • What is the prize??

  • Save the Date- Half Marathon Row Saturday November 25th.

    • Individual Division

    • Team Division

Winner of Row-vember get 1 month of Free Membership & 1 Month to gift to a non-member!


Programming Sneak Peek!

Monday: 10 to 1 Bench Press building in weight. Paired with Chad Prep we start out the week with a great pump! Tuesday: The Ghost! Wednesday: 5/5 DB Snatches Building! Then we have a Chipper that will push your overhead ability! Thursday: 10 Min to build to a heavy triple of a Hang Power Clean. The HPC comes back in our Metcon in a couplet that gets us inverted! Friday: 5 x 3 Deadlifts! 6 Rounds for time that is going to get grippy and tax your midline. Saturday: Partner Abs and a 15min Partner AMRAP with fast alternating rounds!


On the Calendar



When: November 11th - Veterans Day


Hot-to-Trot 5k/10k! When: Thanksgiving Morning! Details HERE!

It is that time of year again! CFK Sponsors the Hot to Trot 5k/10k by running the water table and cheering hundreds of runners on! We would love for you to come out and race! If you’d like to volunteer we need help handing out water at the table! Volunteer HERE! Looking to train? Contact Coach Stephen!


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